Alumni Spotlight: Liquidseal

About one third of all food produced for human consumption goes to waste. That is a global challenge Victor Monster, Managing Director at Liquidseal, and his partners were always driven by to solve. This is how Liquidseal Fruits was born. After the success of their environmentally friendly, biodegradable and compostable formulation for the protection of flowers, Victor and his colleagues decided to start a new adventure and develop a product that would protect fruits through the entire supply chain.

Protection from field to fork

Liquidseal is a chem-free packaging that provides extended shelf-life, maintains product quality and reduces product loss of perishable products such as cut flowers and fruits. But developing the perfect formulation was a challenge in itself. Now, take into consideration the existence of two European regulations that also impacted their technology. After two years of experimentation, the perfect formulation was ready to be introduced to the market.

By developing a product that could be easily implemented and wouldn’t change the entire post-harvest logistics, they were ready to compete. While other products offer different ways of extending the shelf-life, implementation and application is much more difficult. Liquidseal is applied post- harvest, offering a safe and proven protection from field to fork.

Success trigger: Finture Solutions by FMO

While trying to approach bigger companies, the Liquidseal team heard about Finture Solutions through a colleague and thought it would be a great opportunity. The startup challenge not only supported them with development capital, but also gave access to the necessary support and expertise from FMO and its broader network.

Spending the Pitch Day of Finture Solutions talking with other entrepreneurs and experts, helped Victor and his partners to make valuable contacts that later opened many doors. To pitch in front of an expert jury also helped Victor to hone this particular pitching skill for future selling opportunities. 

After becoming one of the winners of Finture Solutions 2019, Liquidseal’s name resonated between importers, wholesalers and retailers. The publicity they received thanks to the challenge and the connections they made during the challenge allowed them to secure deals with many of the largest retail chains in Europe.

“It will always bring you something. You always need to be enlarging your network, presenting the product in front of new audiences, putting time and effort into these events. At the end it will bring you a lot. Four years ago Liquidseal didn’t exist, last week we had a meeting with a large multinational. Finture Solutions helps you prepare for that.”

Victor Monster – Managing Director, Liquidseal.

In 2020 Liquidseal continues experimenting and developing new formulations for extending the life of other types of fruits. Thanks to the proximity to the Rotterdam port, Liquidseal is continuously doing international trials by monitoring products that are shipped to Europe. Liquidseal is well underway to its mission to reduce food waste, and we can expect big things from Liquidseal in the future!