Alumni Spotlight: AMMP

Finture Solutions 2019 Winner AMMP on how maintaining and operating renewables in rural areas

1.2 billion people on this planet don’t have access to electricity. Stine Carle, Co- Founder and COO at AMMP, put in practice her fascination for renewable energy to help solve this problem. 

Renewable energy systems need to be monitored 24/7 and this can be quite a challenge if they’re located in rural areas. This is why AMMP was founded, they focus on supporting energy companies in emerging markets to improve their operations.

Facilitating remote monitoring

Renewable energy systems include many different pieces of hardware. The difficulty arises when these systems are located in rural areas and one of their pieces stops working as it should. AMMP offers software that can pull information from all these different technologies in real time and provide the operations team a 360° view of their assets. 

While their closest competitors ask their customers to get additional expensive hardware, AMMP tries to work directly with software integration so their customers don’t have to install additional technologies. Most of the time, AMMP customers can get their software online, and this will be connected remotely to their systems operating in emerging economies.

Finture Solutions and filling the gap for early stage startups

When analyzing their potential customers, AMMP noticed that early stage startups in emerging markets need software like theirs, but that it’s not possible for these local small companies to buy it. With this problem ahead, AMMP started looking for additional support to get knowledge, network and development capital to help them solve this issue. They found the perfect match in Finture Solutions and decided to apply for the competition.

During the competition, getting to know other companies working towards their own impact-related goals helped Stine to escape from her own bubble for a couple of days and get some inspiration from the other startups’ initiatives.

As one of the winners of Finture Solutions 2019, AMMP has been able to hire a team member that can support them in the process of reaching early stage companies with their product, and of course, to support these energy pioneers. However, Finture Solutions did not stop there, it opened several doors allowing AMMP to not only tap into FMO’s network of knowledge which included technical support but FMO also facilitated the process of getting one of AMMP Nigerian employees to Amsterdam by providing a recommendation letter to acquire their visa. 

“FMO wants to pick teams that are passionate, impact driven and that are sure about their solution impact. When you’re a young startup this is not the first thing you think about. Having them to support us in setting up these best practices, is really beneficial”  

Stine Carle – Co Founder and COO at AMMP

Currently, AMMP is an example of how to do business in 2020 by being active in many countries in sub Saharan Africa, operating from an office in Amsterdam. They’re now setting up an entity in Nigeria and not only do they expect to get customers there, AMMP also wants to create a local footprint in the community by generating jobs. It seems that a promising future awaits them.